Trendculture : No Gender

October 2022


The topic of the day: no-gender, a-gender and even post-gender ... or in other words, unisex fashion!

Since the 50's, men's and women's wardrobes have been getting closer and closer with 2 important milestones in this evolution: the rise of the jeans from the USA, which spread to Europe and the rest of the world...

... And of course the emergence of sport and the development of sport in all strata of society with a real evolution of morphologies and eating habits.


We all have in mind sports images that are part of the collective unconscious such as the tuxedo for women by Yves Saint Laurent shot by Helmut Newton, the skirt for men by Jean-Paul Gaultier that he worked a lot between the 80s and 90s.

Yves Saint Laurent - Photo : Helmut Newton / Jean-Paul Gaultier

And then of course all those fashion icons, singers or actresses, who have largely drawn from the male wardrobe to forge their style.

Katharine Hepburn - Jane Birkin

So today the "no-gender" has become a bit of a magic formula for all the young labels and emerging designers. So much so that the idea of androgyny has almost become a western marker in terms of aesthetic codes. In real life, does no-gender fashion really work? See our Youtube video for a demonstration!

In a nutshell

It is clear that the no-gender trend is mainly in one direction, i.e. from male to female. The opposite is still not widespread even if more and more male labels are now interested in flexibility, fluidity and even transparency ... It's still quite elitist!

See you soon for a new topic!

Thomas Zylberman
Fashion Expert

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