Trendculture : Lingerie vs Sport

October 2022


For this new trendculture, meet our Fashion Expert, Thomas Zylberman and our Lingerie Expert, Pascale Briand.

T.Z : A trendculture dedicated to lingerie but not only ... Today lingerie looks at the side of sport, sport interferes in lingerie and the burning question that arises: how did we get there Pascale?

P.B : To talk about sports lingerie, we will make a quick flashback in the 80s. Indeed, this is the decade that was dedicated to body cults. At the time, designers like Alaïa, designed ultra tight creations, or in another genre, there were also all the collections that Mugler did. All this was possible thanks to the revolution in textiles with the use of Lycra thread that allowed all fabrics to be stretchy. Obviously, this had a considerable impact on the sport! It was the beginning of fitness. We remember very well the famous movie Flash Dance where all outfits are inspired by dance with tight tights, bras, bodysuits super low cut or even thongs. From television to Couture collections, we really have this trend dedicated to the culture of the body.

T.Z: We have understood the growing importance of sports in women's lifestyle over the last 40 years, but in concrete terms, today, what do we offer consumers who want to buy lingerie to wear under their sportswear?

P.B : Well, we'll see how sports have entered the lingerie market to meet this demand. Sports brands have indeed invested a lot in their image by collaborating with sports icons but also by working with fashion designers to renew all their looks. On the other hand, as far as the bra is concerned, we can admit that it was not extraordinary. It remained a basic, almost orthopedic and in terms of colors, apart from white and black, there was not much.

T.Z: Yes, it's not very motivating as it is, but then what does the market offer as an alternative to the consumer?

P.B : Fortunately, the lingerie industry has also entered this promising niche to offer much more feminine products. First of all because they are completely legitimate. Indeed, they are specialists in well-fitting and corsetry, which is rather interesting. We can see that they will work on harmonies in colorblocks but much more feminine with pinks, mauves and plums. We can also see it in the shapes with bras that are closer to triangle shape, thinner straps and especially they do not hesitate to take forms much more "seductive" as the push-up for example, necklines much more plunging, molded foam, or a whole work on the crossing of straps, mixtures of materials and associations of colors and transparency that we are on a product much more fashionable and interesting.

T.Z: We are reassured! We can find fashionable, nice and stylish products. So anyway, today, we are witnessing a fusion between ready-to-wear, fashion, sports and lingerie, and we are seeing the emergence of new hybrid looks, right?

P.B: Yes, that's exactly what happened with the collaboration between Puma and Rihanna with a fashion show that really made a lot of noise. In this show, we are in the evocation of sportswear but totally reworked in an urban-boudoir style. Lingerie aspects that we notice with the presence of satin and lace, a real novelty! Now, we personalize our look with sports bras that can be worn like a crop top!

Let's go for a workout!

Thomas Zylberman
Fashion Expert

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