Trendculture : The image of women in fashion ads

October 2022


From the porno-chic of the post-2000s to the benevolent inclusiveness of today, fashion advertising has made the great leap in less than 15 years.

So, let's take it from the top!

Remember, there was, at the end of the last century... the 90's! A disparate and fascinating decade that gave us: the grunge phenomenon, the rave culture and the acid-house.
The catwalks were taken over by conceptual designers, like Margiela or Yamamoto.
In short a captivating decade but not very glamorous, which caused in the early 2000s, a huge desire for sex appeal ...!  

The rise of porno-chic

Porno-chic then became the signature of some luxury labels and it has its unavoidable figures:
◾️ Terry Richardson, cult and sultry photographer
◾️ Tom Ford, Texan designer whose mission then was to revive the house of Gucci
◾️ MarioTestino, another key photographer of the decade
◾️ Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana, with a flamboyant aesthetic,
◾️ and Karine Roitfeld, charismatic Director of Vogue Paris, who editorialized the trend.

If they are now shocking or out of place, these images were produced at a particular time that over-stereotyped the male fantasy. By comparing the campaigns of these brands, we can measure the distance traveled between yesterday... and today!

What about today?

Now there is room for more inclusive expressions, in body-positivism mode. The Parisian fashion shows are not left out with young innovative designers like Koché and Marine Serre who express a more diversified and true vision of the feminine.

Thomas Zylberman
Fashion Expert

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