Trendculture : The nippies

October 2022


The nippies, from burlesque to red carpet!

The nipple covers appeared in burlesque shows and had their peak in the first part of the 20th century. This accessory was a trick to get around the censorship that forbade dancers to reveal their breasts.
In the 2000s, the nippies are revived with the advent of the New Burlesque. Dita VonTeese relaunches the genre in shows with an ultra-glamorous aesthetic.
The world of lingerie seizes it in sexy-luxe mode, often decorated with Swarowski rhinestones.

From seduction ...

The emblematic brand is Agent Provocateur. This British label has created an erotic and high-end lingerie. Here, it is the woman who leads the love games, in sophisticated settings.
Other collections are inspired by nippies to renew themselves. They play with the contrasts between an opaque central motif, placed on a transparent base.
The decor placed in this way renews the lingerie seduction with very visual proposals.

Here's to humor!

The new web brands, on the other hand, play the humor card to the fullest. The nippies metamorphose into flowers or fruits and adapt to a fresh and rejuvenated lingerie.
During the Savage X Fenty fashion show by Rihanna, it is a pregnant woman who wears nippies. The collection wants to free itself from the traditional codes of lingerie and plays with inclusiveness.

On social networks, the weight of censorship is considerable. The Free The Nipple movement is inspiring brands to divert the subject with humor. Popular with millennials, these "boobs" T-shirts are flourishing on Instagram. The idea is to play down the debate and fight censorship.

From now on, nippies are worn on the red carpets and parade at the designers. Under dresses or transparent tops, they have become THE new essential fashion accessory...!

Thomas Zylberman
Fashion Expert

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