Trendculture : The shoulder

October 2022


For this trendculture, we are going to focus on a very precise part of the human anatomy which is absolutely determining in terms of silhouette: the shoulder!

Little fabric, much effect ... it's the bare shoulder!

We discover her in the Renaissance painting of Titian with "The woman with the mirror".
Throughout history, we will often have the opportunity to bare his shoulders that we are future Empress Queen of Austria or Isabelle Adjani in "L'été meurtrier".
A trend that has developed a lot recently and very present in designers.

Less suggestive but just as charming: the balloon sleeve

We owe its name to hot air balloons. It is characteristic of the Directory and the First Empire accompanying the very high waist in vogue at that time.
150 years later, it becomes ubiquitous in the 50s. It is declined in chic version at Dior for example, but also in version Pin-up Rockabilly or in the uniforms of barmaid like Kate Winslet in "Wonder Wheel".
Today, it is popular in children's fashion for the little girls but also for the big girls a little less wise.

More impressive than the balloon sleeve ... the leg sleeve

We let you guess where its name comes from...
During the 19th century, it was attributed to the bourgeoisie in France and to the aristocracy in England during the Victorian period.
The designers work it today in bold fashion. It is a sensation on the catwalk or behind a microphone.

Very emerging in the last fashion shows: the extra-round sleeve

The shoulder seems to be absorbed by the ultra ample curve of the sleeve which gives a sculptural look to the silhouette.

A trend that is still ahead of its time: the epaulette

It comes back, it goes away, it comes back... The epaulette has its admirers and its detractors. It emerges in the avant-garde of the 70's and grows in the 80's of which it becomes the archetype.
Thierry Mugler and Claude Montana will be the fetish designers of the 80's sale with ultra glamorous and assertive maxi-shoulders.
Today, the shoulder pad is the prerogative of the fighting woman version Balmain, Alexander Wang or Balenciaga.
In the street, the shoulder pad plays it no-gender, style "I took the jacket of my boyfriend or girlfriend. Very popular with RnB singers, the epaulette gives a bossy look that immediately does the job.

So which shoulder are you?

Thomas Zylberman
Fashion Expert

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