Trendculture : Green

October 2022


Trendculture goes green! The perception of the colour is intimately linked to its symbolism and in particular for the green: loved or rejected, it is ambivalent.


Symbolism linked to the colour green goes a long way

In the Middle Ages, it is seen as evil because associated with the disturbing forests where demons hide. In the West, it was believed that dressing in green was bad luck, it is still very badly seen in the theater.
On the contrary, the Muslim world has made it its reference colour.
In the 18th centuryit will be associated with nature and medicinal plants and then with medicine, as for example the green cross of pharmacies or the coat of surgeons.
Then it will also become synonymous with chance, luck or misfortune, with the world of gambling: casino carpets, green billiards.
Finally, in 1861, the American dollar was born... and it was green!
In the 20th century, it also became synonymous with the armyand conflict, in camouflage mode.
It was even associated with aliens: yes, Martians would be green!

But now it is also synonymous with positive!

A good grade in school is often written in green, we say that "the signals are green".
A green dress is even at the origin of today's net! It is signed Versace and worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards in 2000. It generates millions of clicks in a few hours and thus was born ... Google Images.
In 2019 Donatella and J-Lo reissue the famous green dress, to celebrate the mythical wedding of fashion and the Internet.

Green is also spring and a new beginning, it is a colour that is both invigorating and soothing. Giving flowers that are still green symbolizes fertility, prosperity and hope. Of the entire light spectrum, green is best perceived by humans when it is tending towards yellow.
We also need green oases to recharge our batteries on a daily basis: modern architecture now includes it in its constructions.
Natural colourpar excellence, green is associated with a healthy lifestyle linked to bio and ecology.
We talk about "greenwashing" for actions that are falsely ecological, intended to give an image that is actually misleading.

Today, green is becoming an expression of modernity thanks to innovations such as urban farming, which produces food where it will be consumed. Or the cultivation of micro-algae, an extremely beneficial food, natural colouring agent, air purifier, bio-mass producer and therefore, source of energy.

All these sometimes divergent symbols are part of our collective unconscious. This is why green is one of the most controversial colours: we hate it... or we love it!

Thomas Zylberman
Fashion Expert

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