Trendculture : The Moon

October 2022


Hold on, close your eyes, Trend Culture takes you... to the moon!

The satellite of the Earth has fascinated humanity since the dawn of time. Poetic, mystical or scientific visions, the Moon is a great inspiration!

We have always observed its different phases, from full to new moon and the fascinating red moon, which occurs during certain eclipses.
This is the basis of the lunar calendar, used in many fields related to nature such as gardening and fishing. The star influences the tides by its gravitational force.

Many symbols across cultures

In ancient times, the crescent moon was attributed to the goddess Artemis, then to Diana, the huntress and her bow. Associated with the morning star, the crescent moon became the symbol of Byzantium, then of Islam: it is therefore displayed on the flags of many Muslim countries. In Chinese culture, the full moon symbolizes prosperity and family. In many Asian countries, mooncakes are offered during the Moon Festival in the fall. In European popular culture, we find the character of Pierrot or the dreamer, the one who is "in the Moon".


The cinema awakens and evolves with the star 

In 1902, Georges Méliès shot "Le voyage dans la Lune". In Moonraker, James Bond goes in pursuit of a space shuttle ... normal! And a whole generation will never forget the flight of E.T. Moonstruck imagines the effects of the full moon on love and the werewolf prowls during the dark nights.


What about the design?

The Moon stimulates the creativity of artists and designers, like this large installation by Luke Jerram, inflated with helium and lit from within; the sequences of a lunar eclipse photographed by László Francsics, or the Moon codex composed by Svemira.
The lunar relief invades the design! You can find it on this connected speaker, in a light version or stylized on a watch...

Under astral influence, fashion takes a futuristic turn with the creations of Irisvan Herpen, Christopher Kane displays lunar landscapes and Marine Serre makes the crescent moon its emblematic motif.

The star also inspires the world of jewelry: it is said that moonstone has soothing properties and stimulates the imagination.

Being the closest star to the Earth, the Moon is the target of a relentless spacerace!

In 1969 Neil Armstrong is the1st man to walk on the Moon! Fashion was immediately inspired by this: The Moon Boot is born the same year and is still the darling of celebrities.

Today, exploring the Moon and then Mars remains a fascinating challenge. On January 3, 2019, the Chinese probe Chang'e 4 landed on the far side of the Moon, a first! And MIT plans a Moon Village there in about a decade, because the resources of this 8th continent are very coveted: water of course, but also land, substances and rare gases. After the Moon, NASA is aiming squarely at Mars for 2033.

Added to this are the new private players interested in space tourism: Virgin Galactic, owned by billionaire Richard Branson; Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' company; and Space X, owned by Elon Musk. All of them have promised the moon to a few wealthy happy-few.

Contemplative, creative or competitive, the Moon has not finished stimulating the human imagination ... See you soon for the next TrendCulture!

Thomas Zylberman
Fashion Expert

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