Interview : Laurence and Benjamin, founders of Repetita

October 2022

Virginie Corbasson - Commercial Director of the Carlin International Group: Hello Laurence, you founded REPETITA, the first marketplace for second-hand and upcycling furniture, decoration and tableware 100% made in France. I am delighted to meet you and your partner Benjamin Sevilla. You are currently hosted at Pépinière 27, located in the heart of Paris, a generalist ecosystem of more than 120 start-ups, which innovate in all sectors of activity. Thank you very much for welcoming me to talk about your company, with its disruptive business model. Could you start by introducing yourself?

Laurence Burin des Roziers, Co-founder Repetita: I am Laurence Burin des Roziers, 37 years old and have 2 children. I decided last year to develop a company in line with my values. Values around decoration which is a strong interest in my personal life.

Benjamin Sevilla, Co-founder Repetita: I am Benjamin Sevilla, 38 years old. I have always been passionate about creating and reinventing what exists. Accompanying Laurence on Repetita is an obvious choice because furniture and decoration is a daily pleasure for which we must reconsider our ways of doing things to reconcile planet, human, and pleasure.

Founders of Repetita

V.C: What is your background?

L.B-D-R: I worked for 12 years in an advertising agency in sales management roles for international brands and projects. My role was to develop the client relationship and to orchestrate all the expertise in-house.

B.S: 12 years in marketing in product development and working on brand business models in line with consumer trends.

V.C: Could you introduce us to REPETITA?

L.B-D-R and B.S: Repetita is the first anti-waste platform for furniture and decoration made in France. Repetita offers furniture, home decor and tableware brands the opportunity to open their own official second hand store in order to promote all their leftovers (reconditioned products, exhibition models, shoot returns, prototypes, models with slight defects). This allows them to apprehend the AGEC law more serenely, to limit the waste of resources (recycling) and to value 100% of their products. A great way to support the development of these French brands and therefore their jobs.

Repetita also welcomes upcycling brands whose anti-waste approach is fundamental from the product conception. On the consumer side, this allows access to a wide range of French brands at very interesting prices. It is the access to the discovery of more French brands and in particular the recent upcycling brands. Finally, it allows them to enjoy themselves without compromising on the environmental and societal impact of their consumption. Repetita responds to consumers' desire to buy differently, with more impact and commitment.

In the near future, Repetita will also be a C to C platform offering a qualitative and secure marketplace for individuals to promote their made in France items to a committed community.


V.C: And what was the driving force behind launching the project?

L.B-D-R and B.S: Several elements have been driving forces in the development of Repetita: 7 out of 10 French people already buy second hand furniture, so habits are already changing. And when it comes to made in France, 80% of the French want to buy more made in France, but this is difficult to translate into reality. There are several reasons for this: first of all, brand awareness, as not all brands have the same level of notoriety, but also for budgetary reasons. Indeed, one of the reasons for buying second hand is the affordability. Lastly, committed and responsible purchasing is taking an increasingly important place in consumer purchasing behavior. The trend of consuming less but better is becoming a permanent feature in the minds of the French.

Repetita responds to consumers' desire to buy differently, with more impact and commitment.

V.C: You host 7 upcycling stores and 8 second hand stores, what are the dynamics of these 2 types of offers?

L.B-D-R and B.S: The upcycling stores are brands or capsule collections of brands already anchored in eco-design, which have been imagined in an approach of global reduction of their impact. These brands are quite representative of the basic trend that is taking hold in France of creation, design and consumption with a limited impact. The upcycling, therefore the creation of superior value by the re-use of materials is totally in line with this dynamic. Concerning the second hand stores, it is a question of bringing to the brands manufacturing new items a simple and qualitative solution to valorize items that previously could have been destroyed or put in recycling. Repetita is a solution to avoid this destruction of value and to give a new life to "unloved" items.

Warren and Laetitia / Uli

V.C: Compared to existing marketplaces in the furniture and decoration sector, what added value do you bring?

L.B-D-R and B.S: Repetita is positioned at the crossroads of new consumer expectations: to support and buy from local brands in an ecologically responsible way, by buying second hand or upcycling. In this sense we are the first on the market.

V.C: Have you noticed any changes in consumer behavior since the launch?

L.B-D-R and B.S: We realized the importance of informing consumers about upcycling, what it defines in order to move from a perhaps a bit "DIY" look to a more design and modern perspective of this type of product. In the same way, we realize the importance of informing and educating on the principle of eco-design.


V.C: How are the logistics organized?

L.B-D-R and B.S: We are on a drop-shipping model with a mainly ecological concern in order to limit the transport footprint to the maximum.

V.C: Do you include sales between individuals?

L.B-D-R and B.S: Individuals can already buy and sell on repetita.co their second hand or upcycling items made in France.

V.C: What follow-up to this development are you preparing?

L.B-D-R and B.S: We are currently working on several areas:

  • the development of ephemeral sales in order to valorize unsold goods
  • the development of a service dedicated to professionals
  • the implementation of a support for consumers in the reparability of products

V.C: What are your latest successes (in terms of business development or in terms of a successful offer)?

L.B-D-R and B.S: We are very happy to have more than 15 partners on the site today, including emblematic brands of made in France, such as Matière Grise, and of eco-design and upcycling with Maximum and Kataba. Repetita responds to the need of these brands to position themselves on the second hand and participates in structuring the upcycling offer.

Drugeot Manufacture / RIF Crea

V.C : On the other hand, what are the obstacles that you encounter?

L.B-D-R and B.S: We are rather warmly welcomed by the brands to which we propose to integrate the platform. However, the opening of a second hand or upcycling store on repetita.co can be very long because it requires to identify, list, photograph and put online its leftovers in stock, which requires time. Difficult for small structures with a limited team.

V.C: How do you promote yourself?

L.B-D-R and B.S: We are in the beginning phase of activity. We communicate on social networks mainly and work on our organic referencing in order to answer consumer requests on second hand and upcycling in the furniture and decoration sector more and more important.

V.C: What is your ambition?

L.B-D-R and B.S: In time, Repetita's vocation is to become the reference vertical for made in France second hand and upcycling for the home. Both by offering products directly from the brands but also by developing the C to C community. Our ambition is to participate in the development of made in France brands while respecting responsible consumption values.

V.C : Thank you very much for answering these questions. Very enriching answers that make us think about the meaning of consumption, and become aware of the actions taken to move the lines towards a more sustainable world!

Edith Keller

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