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Colour is like a life impulse that expresses itself. It appeals to a very primitive reflex and provides an immediate visual pleasure.

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Trendbook Color - Ultra Sapiens Theme - Color range with the rigidity and flexibility of metals
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Lechler's new concept links chemical development to the evolution of the language of colour. Colour is a language that never stops evolving. The definition of new scenarios is an essential aspect of color design and helps determine the quality of home environments, the architectural characteristics of buildings and the commercial success of an industrial product.
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The colours are formulated with dyes that comply with major international environmental standards (bluesign, Oeko-Tex and ZDHC).
Color Atlas colors are aligned with trends and color influencers.
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When it comes to the colour process, Carlin is a reference that cannot be ignored! The press calls on our fashion, marketing, decorating and lifestyle experts.

An upcoming topic on colour?

Colorthérapie article for Marie Claire
logo marie claire
Colour therapy
"The internationalization of colour trends through social networks has emancipated consumers from their cultural references. This is very obvious in France where black was synonymous with elegance, thinness. Today, colour allows us to reintegrate a clientele that felt excluded."
Thomas Zylberman, Fashion Expert - Itw for Marie Claire "Colorthérapie" Feb. 22
Article Prix de la Couleur for L'Obs
logo l'obs
The price of colour
"Everyone will defend their tendency. There can be fights, sometimes outbursts. But when several people from different worlds come together, we know that something is happening. For example, the green trend, which appeared a few years ago, had to be pushed to convince the sales people, or the red that entered the kitchen industry more than fifteen years ago, a sign of boldness that has now become a standard. It's a curve. You have to get there before it starts, see that there is an adoption, believe in it, and then defend your intuition. Then the curve goes up, it spreads and it becomes a mass colour. Then it goes back down. Like burgundy in the men's wardrobe, now a neutral color. But whose soft mutations we are now observing."
Géraldine Bouchot, Marketing Director - Itw for L'Obs "Le prix de la couleur" Dec. 20
Article Does luxury have a color for Madame Figaro
logo madame figaro
Does luxury have a colour?
"A colour that packs a punch is often a colour that relates to a brand's reference materials. The colours that refer to a historical luxury brand stem from its DNA. I'm thinking of Burberry: the beige colour of its trench coat is inseparable from its image. And it has been particularly well managed over time. This fabric comes from the world of the army and its shade could have been, little by little, rejected for its symbolism. However, Burberry was able to evolve the perception of this shade, taking it out of its military environment, to bring it towards streetwear, which is more desirable today."
Virginie Mourouvin, Colour Designer - Itw for Madame Figaro "Does luxury have a colour?" Sept. 20

The colour of the season?

Article Lilac is the new pink for Madame Figaro
logo madame figaro
Lilac is the new pink
"It counterbalances the optimistic pink, the whiplash effect, which we have seen a lot of - even too much - in previous seasons. The lilac renews the purpose of the colour and is a bit like the challenge colour of the season. Because if it's worn very easily in Anglo-Saxon or Asian countries, it's much less popular in France or Italy.
Thomas Zylberman, Fashion Expert - Itw for Madame Figaro "Lilac is the new pink" August 21
Article Men see life in pink for Paris Match
logo paris match
Men see life in pink
"Anglo-Saxon sportswear chic brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have cultivated this preppy American look since their beginnings and continue to impact men's wardrobe worldwide. Their DNA? Cotton fabrics in very fresh and dashing colors where pink, like navy or red, has always been the master of style. In the world of pink, the sporting reference is never far away, especially during the French Open, where the pink Bermuda shorts have become the trendy uniform of the fans of the yellow ball.
Thomas Zylberman, Fashion Expert - Itw for Paris Match "Les hommes voient la vie en rose" Jul. 21
Article Classe verte for Madame Figaro
logo madame figaro
Green class
"This green push is not just a matter of fashion. It's part of a movement that looks to biomimicry and aims to copy nature's ingenuity to develop, for example, more eco-friendly designs."
Natalie Weinmann, Lifestyle and Innovation Expert - Itw for Madame Figaro "Classe verte" May 21
Article Treat yourself to an armful of roses for Marie France
logo marie france
Treat yourself to an armful of roses!
"This shade, we came across it a lot in the early days of social networks, especially on Instagram. It is in fact the pink of generation Y (born between the early 80s and late 90s, ed.) which, since then, had been supplanted by the yellow of generation Z (born between 1997 and 2010, ed.). [...] What characterizes the new generation is precisely to recover the worst clichés to assume them and take back control."
Thomas Zylberman, Fashion Expert - Itw for Marie France "Treat yourself to an armful of pink" March 21